How To Get More Savings On Your Air Conditioning System

How To Get More Savings On Your Air Conditioning System

The importance of Air conditioning weighs more than just cooling the air; with heat pump air conditioning systems providing a perfect balance of temperature so you can enjoy maximum comfort all the way. However, the constant rise of energy costs and the uprising concerns about environmental health and safety requires that air conditioning must be highly efficient too. Kinsman Air Conditioning offers heat pump systems providing a thorough and complete solution for maximum performance and energy efficiency helping to keep your environment healthy and energy-friendly.

In recent times, we’ve seen and read about the need for more environmental-friendly means to reduce global warming among other cases and some changes the Government has been making all along. An initiative was launched recently by the Government to reduce VAT rate to supply and install heat-pump air conditioning systems in household properties. This move was directed towards the reduction of harmful gas emissions caused by household heating systems. The VAT reduction will also be applied for repair and maintenance of the air conditioning systems.

A Government representative added that “reducing the rate of VAT will encourage the increase use of such energy efficient products and will have a positive effect in reducing carbon emissions”.

This particular initiative is all part of the UK Government’s Climate Change Programme and the Kyoto Protocol. With residential properties accountable for a quarter of all energy emissions, it’s very important to target them with lower cost, energy-saving solutions, including air source heat pumps.

 Savings for Homeowners – Calculating the Numbers

The current rate of VAT is at 20%, so the reduction to 5% on an air conditioning system will allow homeowners to make tremendous savings on their hear pump system installation and maintenance costs.

A good example would be having a wall-mounted heat-pump system supplied and installed could costs around £1250.00 excluding Vat. With the old 20% VAT rate, this brings the total cost to £1500.00.

However, with just 5% VAT, the total cost is £1312.50, saving £187.50!

Heat-pump systems use less than a quarter of the electrical energy consumed by all other electrical heaters, meaning a saving on your monthly bills too. You can keep your home warm in the winter months, cool in the summer and save money and energy at the same time.

Kinsman Air Conditioning has been serving homes and businesses for over 17 years across the UK and has recorded more customer satisfaction feedback more than we can count. This is because we put the comfort of everyone both homeowners and business owners first, and we also believe in helping to create an energy-friendly environment where happiness and productivity can grow. Let’s help you provide heat pump systems and get more savings on your air conditioning systems, repair and maintenance!



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