3 Common Air Conditioning Problems & Solutions

3 Common Air Conditioning Problems & Solutions

Comfort can never be negotiated especially when it comes to the very device that provides you with that. Air conditioning problems are a nightmare at some point due to their ever disturbing consequences. They rob you of comfort, satisfaction, happiness and reduce your morale if you’re experiencing such at the workplace. This is the reason why you must constantly check for signs in the air conditioners whether at home or at work.

Here are some of these air conditioning problems and their solutions;

Air Conditioning Condenser Won’t Run

First off, the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is called the condenser. It is where condensation occurs to release heat to the outdoors. It contains the compressor, a blower fan, and the condensing coil as well as capacitors and motors to supply power to the components. If the condenser becomes defective, it will damage or even stop the ability of the air conditioner to pass cold air into the internal air space.

Major causes why the condenser won’t run are leaking refrigerant, electric failures and the interference of outside debris. The condenser is connected to the indoor evaporator through a line that circulates the refrigerant between the two units to carry out the heat exchange. If the line develops leaks, it can put the whole system in jeopardy. If you notice a drastic drop in the cooling power of your internal unit, notice frost along with the unit, or hear a hissing noise from the condenser, then you need to call for a repair urgently.

Also, if you notice the interference of debris with your condenser, ensure to clear the surrounding where it is placed and avoid weeds, stones, sticks from getting inside it. Ensure to switch off the electric power to the unit if you need to remove debris stuck inside the cabinet of the condenser.

If your condenser still doesn’t work, it’s probably an electrical problem. Wiring failures, electrical relays, and capacitors are too complex to fix by yourself. A professional technician should fix this for you or we can help you out.

Air Conditioner Repeatedly Turns Off

This problem is one that annoys not just you, but everyone else enjoying the comfort that is provided by your air conditioner. A dirty air filter could be the cause of this problem. A clogged or dirty air conditioner can reduce the airflow of your air conditioner thereby causing it to turn on and off repeatedly. You can remove the air filter and clean thoroughly with soapy water and a vacuum. Allow the filter to dry before putting it back in. Check out our blog on cleaning your air filter.

If the outside temperature is very high, your condensing unit may turn off and on because there isn’t enough air entering into it. Consider cleaning the fan blade while the unit is off and turning up fan speed after cleaning.

Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

This problem is one that frustrates every AC owner due to the amount of work to do in order to get it back in a good state. Here are some possible causes of your air conditioner refusing to blow cold air; clogged or dirty air filter, defective fan, and fan motor, a faulty capacitor in the compressor circuit and the thermistor. A detailed explanation of these causes and their possible solutions is well documented in this blog.

Air conditioning problems are sometimes complex to understand and figure out due to the many components an AC has. This calls for the need to hire the help of a professional who can easily identify the cause before such problems cripple the air conditioner for life.

If you wish to speak with a professional, Kinsman Commercial Air Conditioning is here for you. Our core mission is to provide quality service for all our customers with their comfort and satisfaction in mind. Call 02084320900 to schedule a repair, request a free estimate, or to speak with a Kinsman team member today!



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