8 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Air Conditioners

Split air conditioner positioned on a blue wall.

1. Movie theaters were among the first places to use Air Conditioners

Sounds funny right? Well, theater owners used this as a means to attract more viewers. A large room full of enthusiastic viewers would require a tool or something magical to keep all of them comfortable and not smelling other people’s breathe.

2. Newspapers: The reason behind the AC invention

In 1902, an inventor named Willis Carrier needed to figure out a way to keep paper from getting wrinkled in a high humidity environments. He worked for a lithographing and publishing company in Brooklyn. He needed a way to keep his papers from expanding and the ink from running so he tried passing air over a set of coils. It worked in both directions. By cooling the coils, it removed humidity from the air; by heating them, it added humidity. He called it the “Apparatus for Treating Air.” When he realized the implications of his invention, he joined other engineers and created the Carrier Engineering Corporation.

3. The invention of Air Conditioners transformed Architecture

Back before the invention of AC, architects design buildings and homes with high ceilings, breezeways, porches and landscaping to help provide adequate shade to keep occupants cool. Today, homes need not to be high to be cool, just fix in a good AC unit and you’re set for a comfortable experience.

4. Ice blocks versus Air Conditioners

Prior to the invention of air conditioners, people store large blocks of ice in the home to keep cool. When the AC revolution came, there was a large comparison and ratings to how much ice blocks would be needed to get the same amount of cooling an average AC provides.  

5. Modern Medication depends on Air Conditioners to survive

Not to be sentimental about this, modern medication depends a great deal on AC to produce effective results. Here’s why; Medical Researchers require cool and less-humid air in their labs to accurately study these groundbreaking necessities we see today. Thanks to the invention of Air conditioners.

6. The Amount of Energy the U.S uses to Power AC Systems equals the amount of energy used in Africa annually.

The U.S happens to be one of the biggest consumers of air conditioners in the world today. AC are used so much that their power consumption equates the same amount of energy used by the entire continent of Africa in a year.

   7. The invention of AC reduced summer holidays for Government officials

Before air conditioning became common, many businesses and government office took two month long summer vacations to help reduce heat tolerance.

8. Packard Automobiles

Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to use air conditioners in their cars. This practice started in 1936.

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