How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vent in 4 Simple Ways

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vent in 4 Simple Ways

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents

Whether you are a business owner, manager, supervisor or just someone who loves to save more on maintenance costs, the job of taking care of the air conditioning units belongs to everyone – especially easy tasks such as cleaning the air vents. You probably have an idea of the damage a dirty or rusty air vent can do to the entire air conditioning unit.

The air ducts in your business environment contains millions of dust particles, dirt, hair, and other pollutants and there’s constant need for regular cleaning to help maintain the health and performance of air conditioners. You wouldn’t want these pollutants flying around in the air mostly for the sake of your staffs, clients and the health of your products, would you?

A great way to save on cleaning and maintenance cost is to make a simple scheduling task out of it to clean every month. This would help prolong the durability of your air conditioners and in the short run reduce your power bills.

How then do you execute this task? It’s very simple. You’ll be needing few items such as;

  • Cleaning Brush
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum
  • Screw Driver
  • Broom

Steps to go about it;

  1. You need to turn off the power connected to the air conditioners from the power source.
  2. Now, unscrew the air duct covers or grilles from the walls and use the cleaning brush to clean the grates thoroughly. If the ducts are very dusty, you may want to use soap and water to clean to satisfaction.
  3. Use the Vacuum on the ducts as much as possible. Remember, you need a heavy duty vacuum to do that so you can clean deep into the crevices of the ducts. Ensure the vacuum you decide to use has a long hose to reach deep into the ducts. This particular process is very important and most often requires the help of a professional due to the need to clean the air ducts thoroughly.
  4. Clean the air duct covers or grilles. Make sure to use a broom to clean the dust if you can’t reach them with a vacuum or screw driver. In a case where the dust particles are much, ensure to wear a dust mask when cleaning.

If the whole task gets too complex for you to do or you simply want some professional help, then we’ll be very happy to help you out. You can visit our website or contact us directly and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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